CONTENT DEVELOPMENT particularly for non-fiction authors and journalists on subjects of memoir, business, current affairs, women’s studies, adoption, lesbian and gay studies, African American studies, mind/body/spirit, nature and the environment, and photography.

Charlotte Abbott is a publishing journalist and digital content strategist who has developed a large and loyal online community of authors, publishers, booksellers, librarians, book bloggers, and e-reading innovators, via weekly discussions on Twitter (#followreader). In her 20 years in the book industry, she has been a reporter and editor for Publishers Weekly, a publishing commentator on National Public Radio, a book critic supervising more than 1000 reviews a year, and an acquiring book editor at HarperCollins and Avon Books. Most recently, she has been advising authors and retailers on how to maximize their online visibility through strategic content development, including social media, blogs and traditional media. She is a board member of the Women’s Media Group and has served as a judge of several noted literary awards.

Twitter: @charabbott