Wednesday, May 15, 6:00 pm ET
A Zoom Virtual Event sponsored by the Women’s Media Group
Free for WMG members; $15 for non-members
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Are you a writer, publicist, or marketer eager to crack the code of booking a TEDx Talk? Join us on May 15 for an enlightening session with TEDx veterans Karen EberTerri Trespicio, and Nekasha Pratt in conversation with Bridget Marmion. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Understanding TED Talks vs. TEDx Talks: Discover the nuances and differences between these talks and learn which one may be best for your audience.
  • Qualifications for a TEDx Talk: Learn what it takes to qualify as a TEDx speaker and how to position yourself for success.
  • Results from TEDx Talks: Hear firsthand accounts of the impact and results speakers have achieved through their TEDx Talks.
  • Application Process: Gain insights into how and where to apply for a TEDx speaking opportunity.
  • Key Points for Preparation: Get tips on how to prepare for your pitch and craft a compelling talk that resonates with your audience.
  • Timing and Planning: Understand the ideal timeline for pitching yourself and initiating the TEDx Talk process.
  • Audience and Promotion: Explore who sees TEDx Talks, as well as how each is promoted and by whom.
  • Maximizing Value: Discover strategies to maximize the value of your TEDx Talk and make a lasting impact.
  • Q&A Session: Bring your questions and get expert answers tailored to your needs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of TEDx Talks! Reserve your spot today.

Speaker bios:

en Eber is an author, leadership consultant, and keynote speaker. Her book, The Perfect Story: How to Tell Stories that Inform, Influence, and Inspire, and her TED Talk continue to inspire millions. As the CEO and Chief Storyteller ofEber Leadership Group, Karen helps Fortune 500 companies build leaders, teams, and culture, one story at a time. She is a former Head of Culture, Learning, and Leadership Development at GE and Deloitte.


Nekasha Pratt
 is a Vice President of Marketing at HarperCollins Publishers, where she heads marketing, digital, and publicity for three fiction imprints. She is also a sought-after speaker and thought-leader who has been featured on podcasts, interviewed for publications such as Inc Magazine and Bizwomen Business Journal, and has done a TEDx Talk on personal power.


Terri Trespicio
 is an award-winning writer, speaker, and author of Unfollow YourPassion (Atria 2021). Her TEDx talk, “Stop Searching for Your Passion,” has been viewed 8M+ times. A former magazine editor, she’s been featured in Forbes Women, Business Insider, the Today show, and others. Learn more at




Bridget Marmion
 spent over a decade each at FSG, Random House and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, mostly as SVP of Marketing, Bridget now runs a full-service marketing firm, Bridget Marmion Book Marketing LLC.  She is a member of WMG, and currently serves on the board of WNBA. She is also on the board of BISG, on the BISG Metadata Committee, and on the advisory board of Pace University Masters in Publishing Program.


All proceeds from this event support the Women’s Media Group Educational Foundation.

Refunds available up to 24 hours before the event. No refunds for cancellations made within 24 hours of the event.


Tuesday, September 26, 2023 6:00 pm ET
A Zoom Virtual Event sponsored by the Women’s Media Group
Free for WMG members; $15 for non-members


You can now watch the video of this event here. 

The Women’s Media Group invites you to join this special online event with Gail Papp and Rose Styron, two of the most accomplished women in American culture, for a peek into their memoir writing process, the challenge of writing about lives lived in public, and tips for aspiring memoir writers.
All proceeds from this event support the Women’s Media Group Educational Foundation.
Meet the speakers:
Gail Merrifield Papp
Gail Merrifield Papp joined Joseph Papp’s New York Shakespeare Festival in 1965 and became Director of New Works Development for the Public Theater, working alongside Joe to create a new kind of theater. She was responsible for some of its best-remembered productions including The Normal Heart and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Partners in work and life, Gail Merrifield and Joseph Papp were married in 1976. Gail’s memoir, Public/Private: My Life with Joe Papp at The Public Theater, will be published in October 2023. Photo credit: David Burnett.
Rose Styron is a poet, journalist, human rights activist, a founding member of Amnesty International USA, a foreign policy advisor, discoverer of Philip Roth, and longtime wife of Bill Styron. Her new memoir, Beyond This Harbor: Adventurous Tales of the Heart was released this summer. Rose currently serves as a Board Member for the Academy of American Poets, the Association to Benefit Children, and The Brain and Creativity Institute at USC. Rose is an overseer for New York University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. Photo credit: Michael Lionstar.

Bridget MarmionWMG member Bridget Marmion spent over a decade each at FSG, Random House and Houghton Mifflin, working in editorial, publicity, sales, advertising, and marketing during her career. She now runs a full-service marketing firm,



Thursday, April 20, 2023 6:30 pm ET
A Zoom Virtual Event sponsored by the Women’s National Book Association
$10 for WNBA members, $20 for non-members

Taking the Leap: About that book you plan to write…

So many of us think, dream, and plan to write a book… someday. Join us to hear from two busy people who actually took the leap. During this conversation, moderated by someone who’s worked for years with authors, you’ll hear why these writers delayed as long as they did. (The reasons may sound very familiar). The authors will share tips on moving those ideas from your head onto a page. Spoiler alert: Do not expect a blissful flow of creativity and a clear, coherent, winning manuscript to quickly emerge.

Writers and aspiring writers at any stage of their journey are encouraged to register for this event, whether your work is in the category of fiction or nonfiction. There will also be time in the program for several audience members to succinctly share their own tips on getting started or a bit of advice with the community.

What we’ll cover:

—I couldn’t start the book, because…

—The trigger to actually begin the book

—How to decide the focus of your book.

—What to expect as you’re writing a book: the practical, logistical, and psychological challenges most writers face.

—Tips on dealing with common challenges, including the question “How’s the book coming?”

Register Here!

The Authors

Fran Hawthorne for Taking the Leap EventFran Hawthorne After an award-winning career as a nonfiction author and journalist (including writing or editing for The New York Times, BusinessWeek, and Fortune), Fran Hawthorne a few years ago “took the leap” and returned to her childhood passion: fiction. Her second novel, I Meant to Tell You (published last fall by Stephen F. Austin State University Press), has been short-listed for the Sarton Award in contemporary fiction and won second place in women’s fiction and third place in adult fiction from the Feathered Quill Book Awards.

Maiya Katherine for Taking the Leap EventMaiya Katherine is a #1 Best-Selling Author and Transformational Speaker. Although she ventured into the business world after college, she eventually decided to follow her Life Purpose of helping others heal emotional trauma and adopt a success-oriented mindset. Since publishing her first book in September 2021, she has spoken at various Universities, Mindset Programs, Mental Health Podcasts, and Teen Workshops, among others. She continues to develop programs and courses to help others heal and thrive.

The Moderator

Bridget Marmion for Taking the Leap EventBridget Marmion spent over a decade each at FSG, Random House, and Houghton Mifflin, working in editorial, publicity, sales, advertising, and marketing during her career, for both adult and children’s books. She launched her own marketing firm, Your Expert Nation, in 2012, which relaunched last year as


Thursday, September 15, 2022, 6:00 pm ET
A Zoom Virtual Event sponsored by the Women’s Media Group
Free for WMG members, $15 for non-members

What is an Author Platform? How Every Writer Can Be A Powerful Partner In Their Own Success

Publishing insiders will discuss what agents and publishers mean when they ask writers “What is your author platform?” Discussion will revolve around what exactly is an author platform. What matters to agents and to publishers?  Are all author platforms the same?  What are the components of a platform? When and how should writers start building their platform? This is the perfect opportunity to learn the many ways writers can create robust communities waiting for their books; when they should begin building their platforms. Not only authors, but literary agents, editors, and marketing experts will find this a useful and informative discussion. 


Bridget Marmion spent over a decade each at FSG, Random House, and Houghton Mifflin, working in editorial, publicity, sales, advertising, and marketing during her career, for both adult and children’s books.  She launched her own marketing firm, in 2012, which relaunched last year as



Regina Brooks is the founder and CEO of Serendipity Literary,  the largest African American literary agency in the US and home to many award-winning authors and illustrators. She’s the author of Writing Great Books for Young Adults and You Should Really Write a Book,  How to Write Well and Market Your Memoir.

Jane Friedman has spent nearly 25 years working in the book publishing industry, with a focus on author education and trend reporting. She is the editor of The Hot Sheet, the essential publishing industry newsletter for authors, which was named 2020 Media Outlet of the Year by Digital Book World. Her latest book is The Business of Being a Writer (University of Chicago Press), which received a starred review from Library Journal.

Patsy Jones currently serves as VP of Marketing at Hachette Book Group in Franklin, TN, following years at Books A Million and Anderson Merchandisers. She is seasoned both as a marketing professional at the highest levels as well as a veteran in the retail space and has a deep, lived understanding of the connection between content and audience and between products and retail.

Register for this event here.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

A Panel Discussion Event sponsored by The Women’s National Book Association

Bridget Marmion, founder and president of Bridget Marmion Book Marketing, created and moderated this panel discussion for those who have a book idea or manuscript to pitch and wanted to learn what pitches work – and which ones don’t – from two agents and two book editors.


Laura Gross, Founder, Laura Gross Literary Agency

Margaret Marbury, Vice President Editorial, Harlequin Trade Publishing

Johanna Castillo, Senior Agent, Writers House

Tara Parsons, Associate Publisher, HarperOne

Learn more details here.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016
THE YA TODAY: An Editor, Agent, and Blogger Discuss the Book, the Audience, the Crossover
A Presentation Event by Emilia Rhodes, Peter Knapp, Katiebabs, and Bridget Marmion

The video of The YA Today: An Editor, Agent, and Blogger Discuss the Book, the Audience, the Crossover is now available. Click for more details and purchase info.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016
A Presentation Event by Bridget Marmion, Boris Kachka, Elinor Lipman, and Jan F. Constantine

All ninety minutes of this information-packed Confab is now available on video. Click hereto find out more and purchase!


Sunday, September 17, 2017

HOW TO REACH YOUR READERS: What You Need to Know from the Publicity, Social Media, Audio, and Marketing Professionals of BRIDGET MARMION BOOK MARKETING  

Bridget Marmion Book Marketing workshop at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Rich Kelley , Anne Kostick, Jennifer Maguire  and Bridget Marmion


Wednesday, November 11, 2015
A Presentation by Ron Hogan, Jennifer Maguire, Bridget Marmion and Rich Kelley


Wednesday, May 6, 2015
REACHING READING GROUPS TODAY: Effective Marketing and Publicity
A Presentation by Carol Fitzgerald, Jean Hanff Korelitz, Jill A. Tardiff, Jeanette Zwart, Rich Kelley, and Bridget Marmion

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
A Presentation by Anne Kostick, Maureen McMahon, Jeanette Zwart, Bridget Marmion and Rich Kelley


Wednesday, January 21, 2015
TIMELINE TO SUCCESS: When Should Authors Begin Preparing for Successful Publication—and How?
A Presentation by Michelle Blankenship, Rich Kelley, and Bridget Marmion


Wednesday, November 5, 2014
GETTING YOUR BOOKS INTO THE COMMON CORE MARKET: Whether fiction, picture books, non-fiction or graphic novels, K-12
A Presentation by Nancy Mahoney and Neil Nathan, moderated by Bridget Marmion


Wednesday, September 17, 2014
A Presentation by Bridget Marmion, Michelle Blankenship, Eamon Dolan, and Lee Stern


Wednesday, June 11, 2014
A Presentation by Rich Kelley


Thursday, April 10, 2014
A Conversation with Publicity, Marketing, and Social Media Experts
Victoria Meyer, Rich Kelley, and Bridget Marmion