Will Twitter’s new video ad cost you followers?

Twitter now sells the video spot above the fold for 24-hour slots,

Will it change who/how your audience uses Twitter? Just the latest example of why anyone in marketing has to stay informed of the changes in the platforms that matter most to the target audience of their authors and clients.

As Janko Roettgers @jank0 reports in Variety, “It remains to be seen how users will react to the new ad unit. Twitter already faced a major backlash this past weekend after reports surfaced that the company was going to roll out a timeline curated by algorithms soon. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responded to the reports in a series of tweets, denying some claims and assuring users that they’d always have access to the unfiltered timeline.”

The first video Twitter users will see for a very long 24 hours is…

Some good news on late night for authors!

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers is staking out new ground in late-night TV, injecting novelists and poetry readings into the genre’s usual fare of celebrity stunts and viral hits.

“Late Night With Seth Meyers” has become a haven for writers, particularly novelists, with the host welcoming more than a dozen authors in the past year. Mr. Meyers has interviewed Joshua Ferris and Marlon James as well as seasoned best-sellers like George R.R. Martin and Stephen King.

For years, book publicists found unexpected allies on Comedy Central, as late-night hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert made a point of interviewing authors, injecting humor into serious subjects such as science and economics. But neither embraced fiction, which hasn’t had a TV champion since Oprah Winfrey started her book club and turned dozens of novels into blockbusters.


Peruvian Cooking Heats Up Fall Cookbooks AND Chelsea Market!

Are you in NYC?  Check out the wonderful food and fashion from Peru  at CHELSEA MARKET  all week!!

Did I know Peruvian was the new IT food?  Of course (not):).

From PW:

Peruvian Cooking Heats Up Fall Cookbooks

It isn’t easy to sum up Peruvian food. It’s a cuisine known for its strength and variety of flavor combinations, with influences from many different cultures, including Spanish, African, European, and Chinese, giving way to bold, diverse dishes that may be new to many Americans. While Peruvian food may not have been a go-to cuisine in the past, that’s rapidly changing— in June, the restaurant Central in Lima, Peru, run by chef Virgilio Martinez, was named the best restaurant in all of South America, and sits at number four on the list of the world’s 50 best new restaurants. This fall, cookbook publishers are capitalizing on the cuisine’s rising popularity with new titles from Peruvian chefs.

Martinez, who also helps to run two Peruvian restaurants in London, is bringing his recipes to the home cook with Lima: The Cookbook (Mitchell Beazley) alongside Luciana Bianchi, to be released later this year on October 13.

Alison Starling, publisher of the London-based Octopus Publishing Group and acquiring editor forLima, said she was well aware of the fact that Peruvian food was becoming mainstream, which helped her in her decision to publish the book. “I was hearing trend forecasters in supermarkets predicting a sharp growth in sales of typical Peruvian superfood ingredients, as well as a rise in the number of good Peruvian restaurants opening up and proving popular in London,” she said.